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Last Update: January 20, 2022

Welcome to Data Science Concepts!

Hi, I’m Diego Fernandez Garcia. I own Data Science Concepts website and provide its content and services. I also use third-party Teachable website for providing my online courses content and services. For more information, visit Teachable Terms of Use webpage. I’m based in Madrid, Spain (European Union). If you have any questions, please Contact Me.

1. Objective

My objective is to provide online educational content and services for anyone who wants to learn data science concepts in R and Python. I provide these content and services for educational and informational purposes exclusively and none of them should be considered as any type of business, economics, financial, investment or other professional advice. For more information, visit my Responsibility Disclaimer.

2. Technical Skills

My technical skills are data preparation, analysis and presentation.

3. Knowledge Areas

My knowledge areas are statistics, probability, econometrics and machine learning.

4. Domains Expertise

My domains of expertise are business, economics and finance.

5. Programming Languages

My tools are R and Python programming languages. I have become proficient in both of them and have focused on their strengths when applied to my technical skills, knowledge areas and domains of expertise.

6. Target Students

My online content and services are aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students, business, data, financial and marketing analysts, data scientists or anyone who wants to learn data science concepts in R and Python.

7. Instructor Profile

I have important online education experience. I also achieved outstanding performance while attending world-class academic institutions. Additionally, I have a lifelong passion for learning data science concepts and transmitting this knowledge in all of my online educational content and services.

My online courses are closed for enrollment.