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R Programming Language

Linear Regression Tutorials

ConceptText TutorialVideo Tutorial
Simple Linear Regression[R][R]
Multiple Linear Regression[R][R]
Linear Regression: Coefficient of Determination[R][R]
Multicollinearity: Variance Inflation Factor[R][R]
Linearity in Parameters: Ramsey RESET Test[R][R]
Omitted Variable Bias: Wald Test[R][R]
Heteroskedasticity: Breusch-Pagan and White Tests[R][R]
Normality in Error Term: Q-Q Plot and Jarque-Bera Test[R][R]
Homogeneity of Regression Slopes: Dummy Variables[R][R]
Linear Regression: Analysis of Variance ANOVA Table[R][R]
Linear Regression: Residual Standard Error[R][R]
Linear Regression: Coefficients Analysis[R][R]
Instrumental Variables: Two Stage Least Squares[R][R]
Exogeneity: Wu-Hausman and Sargan Tests[R][R]

Time Series Analysis Tutorials

ConceptText TutorialVideo Tutorial
Exponential Smoothing: Brown Simple Method[R][R]
Stationarity: Augmented Dickey-Fuller Test[R][R]
Time Series Decomposition: Classical Method[R][R]
ARIMA Models Identification: Correlograms[R][R]
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